Sir I have tried in my power to but the more I try the more I see myself doing it …what should I do?
In this article, I will be highlighting the fast and reliable points that will help you end such addiction.

Firstly I want to remind you of one powerful tool, the will to stop it.
A man said and I quote”once there is a will, there is always a way”

I commend you on the will to seek away…

Open your mind and follow me on this point carefully don’t be too fast to read and go, get a pen and a book, as you read through all write down what you have learned and start practice on it…

Believe that you can

Like I said earlier that once you have the will, then the way will appear.
if your belief system is too negative that your words are often I can’t and it’s not possible then you have to start from now to rewrite and work on it…

The best way to create in the physical is to first put the picture in your mind.
Be determined to stop no matter how long it takes, stopping an addiction is not a one day stuff, it takes a step, little by little you let all go.


One way that you keep seeing yourself doing it is keeping anything that reminds you of doing it out of sight

Avoid pornography, nude pictures, sex cartoons, sex stories that create the picture in your mind…

Start by deleting all this away from your phone, laptop or destroying the disk if you have one, putting your browser to child’s restrictions, in so doing you have started letting go…

Walk around

Yes you might have gotten rid of all those things yet you still feel it, you still desire it, you still see yourself doing it.

My dear, as I said all is step by step, if you follow all this guild you will end it all soon.

Anytime you feel it anytime you want it, any time you desire it, my dear just stand up from such point and walk around, which will take away the urge of you.

Get engaged

An idle man is a devil’s workshop, get your mind busy with something

Only when you are idols, when you are alone you can start nursing the thought, you start feeling the urge then you could see yourself finding a way possible to get satisfied.

Dislike been in a secret place

I believe you can’t have the mind to do it openly, it is only when you are alone that you do that, avoid being in a dark place all alone.

Avoid the same company

Avoid the company of guys/ladies that have the same issue with you, if you must stop you must have to stay clear of them
Talking about it, things that are immoral will always make you believe that you are not alone on it.

If your friends have the same issue please it’s time to change them if you must overcome…

Don’t hide it

I believe you must have captured many things from all I have said from the start, now it’s time to take the bold step.
Voice it out.
When you hide a sickness it will always hide and kill you.

Who should I talk to about it since all my friends have the same issue?

Now you don’t need your friends again, you need a man or a woman of the same faith with you, someone with more understanding, letting it out neutralizes its power and effect over you.

When you remember that it’s not only you that know what you do, and to avoid some questions like …have you stopped it? Or will you do it openly so people can see
I guess you are not ready for that…

Find one who you can confirm on…

Go on your knees
It’s time to pray!

this is the last after all other this is the most important…

God said

Let your needs be made known to him through prayers and publication.

Call on me when you are in trouble, and I will answer you.

Ask and you will get, seek and you will find.

Nothing is ever too hard for me to do if only you can believe the Bible says.

It is time to let your father know what is going on, he is your father he understands more than everyone

“I know thee, even from your mother’s womb”

This tells you that you have no problem, believe in him and trust him to give you the power and grace to overcome….

Note, addiction is not what you force, it’s what you learn how to let go…

If you use to do it 4times daily you start from 3times daily to two to one, to 3in a week, to 1 in a week to 3 in a month, to 2 in a month to a month without doing it…
It takes the process to stop.

God bless you and give you the heart and courage to practice all you have learned from this article

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