Aisha Yesufu spits fire,attacks Easten security network over cow killings.

Eastern Security Network Fights Off Armed Fulani Herdsmen In Abia State in exchange of fire some cows was killed,one of the End sars activists reacts,in anger condemns the act of combing off Fulani headers from Forest in the Eastern Region

Aisha Yesufu, reacts over the report of chasing out of Fulani herdsmen and killing of dozens of cows by Eastern Security Network, ESN.

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, shared the news of the security outfit’s invasion of the camp of the armed herdsmen who have been Terrorizing the people in Isiukwuato, Abia State.

according to her tweets she wrote”

“This is absolutely not acceptable. We cannot have security outfits taking laws into their hands & maiming, killing & destroying properties. This is not acceptable. We must always remember no one has a monopoly of violence and intolerance and we can all be mad. Let the law guide us!”..

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  1. […] We won’t tolerate any iota of killer Fulani herdsmen menace in the East. You may be comfortable with your wretched Fulanised existence where you are but we won’t live with that rubbish in the land of the Rising Sun. Where were you when our people were being slaughtered, raped and kidnapped in ISIUKWUATO? Talkative lunatics everywhere! Aisha Yesufu spits fire,attacks ESN over cow killings […]

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