The state police commissioner of police in Abia state in previous days has issued a press release warning every ipob to stay away from Abia state on 14th of feb during the burial of Nnamdi kanus parents.
He equally warned the family of mazi Nnamdi kanu,saying if the burial bust be peaceful that no ipob member should be found in they compound,he goes ahead to issue a treat that any ipob seen will be shoot and the body of the late parents of Ipob leader will be taken by the police .

On 08/02/2020
The leader of Ipob reacted to his treat,he warned all the security heads of nigeria from the chief of army staff down to the least,that if any Ipob member is killed on the day of his parents burial,that all of them will lose they own children.

In his words,if any ipob is killed in my fathers house on 14th of feb during my parents burial,just get ready to bury your own children,if you like send them out of this country we are every were.

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