Reno omokri Nigeria politician,author and a lawyer in his verified facebook page,reminds igbo’s of their ancient virtue.

He told them to maintain their status quo of not been a begger, according to him,igbos don’t beg and this made them the pride of Africa.

He wrote

“If you are from the SE, I urge you to ask your elders about this: Igbos used to beat fellow Igbos who begged. Begging is never part of Igbo culture. Don’t allow conditions make you lose ancient virtues that made your race the pride of Black Africa! This #CoronaVirus lockdown condition is not enough to make you beg. After the Nigerian Civil War In 1970, when the Igbos returned to Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kaduna and other parts of Nigeria, they were poor and broken. But what shocked the world was that they did not beg. Instead, they used their ancient principles to trade and work their way out of poverty. That is why today, Nnewi has the highest number of millionaires per square mile in Africa”

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