In a video that went viral,chinese government bans blacks from eating or getting food from any restaurant.

China has been accused of racism,many blacks has raised this issue but it became too obvious when Chinese government ejected all blacks from their homes and hotels down to street.

The Leader of IPOB in one of his broadcast stated that such radical racism has been in place for long,in one of the clips he played on Radio Biafra london a lady from another African country not Nigeria described what their has been going through in China.

Her words “we are not allowed to enter the same vehicle with Chinese people,if you enter all Chinese people in that vehicle will come down saying they cant travel with you”

Alot of Nigerians complained bitterly as the government of china collect their valid passports and chased them back to the streets during a harvey rain fall.

In the video below,you could see it clearly written that no black is allowed or police wil be called.

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