After claims that the only cases of corona virus in Nigeria were just 51,the federal government of Nigeria has raised the alarm that it is currently tracing the contacts of more than 4370 suspected cases of coronavirus across the country.

On a media briefing on thursday the minister for culture and information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed who spoke on behalf of the FG begged people who have had contact with suspected cases to kindly come forward so as to prevent community spread of the disease.

“We have 4,370 people of interest whom we are tracing. We urge those who have had contact with suspected cases to immediately report to the authorities, he said

“We urge Nigerians to support the authorities in this regard. We are on the verge of reaching the level of community spread. We must stop this immediately or we will record exponential cases in the days ahead.”

This have kept people thinking as fear grips the nation.

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