four new cases of Coronavirus have been reported in Nigeria amid fear of widespread and lockdown.

This was disclosed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).
It was disclosed that the cases are three in Osun state and one in Ogun.

Presently there are 135 confirmed cases of corona virus (COVID19) reported in Nigeria with 2 known deaths and eight patients discharged after recovering from the virus.

The mutation of this virus keep on spreading like fire,
“Currently, Lagos has 81, FCT- 25, Ogun- 4, Enugu- 2, Ekiti- 1, Oyo- 8, Edo- 2, Bauchi- 2, Osun-5, Rivers-1, Benue- 1 and Kaduna- 3.

It will be of peoples best interests to stay home and put in practice all that have been said by WHO and NCDC in other to stop the spread of this deadly virus COVIFlD 19

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