The United Nation Secretary Antonio Guterres says he fears for Africa because millions of people might die.

Guterres in his words said Africa is in urgent need of face masks,test kits,ventilators,protective suits for health workers,he stressed more on preventing the death of African growing youth.

He urged developed countries of the world to help prevent mass death in Africa through the spread of COVID-19.
He said “we can still prevent the worst in Africa but with out a massive mobilisation we will have millons and millons of people contaminated,wich means million deaths,adding that African growing youths will not be spared .

According to him the risk of coronavirus mutating is higher given to the fast rate it is spreading,he urged the north to help the south.

He said ” as the virus mutates all investment we are putting in to vaccine will be for nothing because the virus will still travel from the south back to the north,it is of best interests that the north help the south.

According to the reports published by African UNION there are 3,924 cases of COVID-19 in Africa and 117 records of death in about 46 countries

He backed up the french President Emmanuel macrons call to make Africa number one priority .

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