The Nigeria state have heard a bill,on Thursday,calling for creation of an agency to Deradicalise and reintegrate repentant terrorist back to the society

The bill was sponsored by by ibrahim of yobe east senatorial district and was first read out on Thursday on the floor of the senate .

Femi kayode have reacted to this development with lot of disappointment,callng nigeria a shithole country according to him

“A Federal Agency for “repentant” Boko Haram members is to be established?

An agency for ravenous and merciless beasts that slit open the throats of women and children, behead clerics, abduct and enslave thousands of innocent, defenceless and helpless compatriots and bomb places of worship?

This can only happen in a “shithole” country and a zoo. It is EVIL.

May God curse every single one of those that put us in this mess in 2015 by bringing these heartless bloodsuckers and monsters to power.


(Femi Fani-Kayode)

Note,IPOB was tagged a terrorist organization wich in no way have been seen with any arms,this have really generate alot of reactions from the people

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