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Since everything is now online, I think it will be best to start with how to build a relationship online

You know that guy, yes that guy that always comes to a lady’s DP to say “hi” and then spend the entire day, week or even month waiting for her to reply. That guy that says nothing beyond “how are you and your people”.

Remember that guy? Good, don’t be that guy. Come on, you can do better. You can’t just keep saying “Hi”. You’ve got to make things a little lively. You have got to make her want to talk to you, you have got to approach her in a way that she will want to respond to you. Say something beyond pleasantries, be a guy.

Yes, I know you just met her online and you really don’t know her. I understand you are trying to be polite, to avoid insult or appear rude. I completely understand but it’s not an excuse to be a slack in building a relationship online.

Before you even talk to her, go to her timeline. Find out the things she’s into, the things that excite her.

Find out the people you have in common and try to find out something about that very person or people you have in common that you both might be interested in. See the activities she likes to get involved with and if possible, the people she chats and responds to.

Find out her hobbies, her favorite athlete, football team musician or movie star. Find out enough about her to hold a reasonable conversation with her. A lot of you might not know this but a lady’s timeline can say a lot about them. Once they like something, they want the world to know.

So, take advantage of that as a guy to up your game of getting them talking to you.

Now you know about them. Chat them up. Try to get them talking about the things they will want to talk about don’t be creepy or wired.  Ask them questions, especially ones you are sure they really know.

 Discuss their favorite meal, ask about their favorite movie star or athlete. Make them feel comfortable talking to you, and by so doing, you will have their attention.

Now that you have their attention, try to keep it. Avoid things you know will make them angry. Drop topics they are sensitive to.

Don’t argue about religion or parental role with them, especially if they have a different opinion from you. Ask them questions that make them feel important and constantly admire them.

Tell them how talking with them makes you feel and be sincere. Believe me, they will know if you are just faking it.

Like and comment on their posts, correct them when needful but never in public that is in the comment section of their posts. If you guys are in the same city, offer to take them to lunch or dinner.

 Don’t just tell them you want to see them, give them a reason to want to see you and if you can, make that reason as romantic as possible and when they agree, give them a wonderful experience. One they will never forget.

Now, a wonderful experience doesn’t mean you should empty your savings. Just don’t do that. Find little and if possible, free things that will make them smile.

 Things that will excite them like taking a walk together at a mall, going to see a movie or taking them to a concert by their favorite musician, buying them their favorite meal, surprising them with gifts depending on what you know they will like. Simply treat them well and make them smile.


Now you are both happy with each other, you know more about her. Now give them the opportunity to get to know you, too.

 A lot of guys might not know this, but ladies are like detectives in relationships or even friendship.

They want to know everything about you though many of them will not ask while others will; they want to know you, your friends, your favorite meals, footballer, they want to know your favorite color, your hobbies and temperaments, they want you to tell them about your family, your previous relationships and the people you like and those you hate and if possible, they want to know the color of your kidney and your brain. They can’t help it.

This doesn’t mean you should dump all your baggage on them. Tell them about yourself. Start from your strengths and then with time, share your weaknesses and little by little let them into your private life.

 If they feel you trust them enough to share your personal life with them, they will respect you the more. Everybody wants to feel trusted, therefore you must endeavor to earn their trust in return in your intention is to build a relationship online


 Find things you both have in common and enjoy them together. Learn and grow together. Discuss your differences but never argue with them.

When building a relationship online, understand that they had a life before they met you. So, don’t choke on their time no matter how you love spending time together or chatting or talking over the phone. Give them their space and support their dreams.

 Help them whenever you can and appreciate them when they help you too. Don’t take them for granted and above all else, don’t play with their emotions.

They’re choosing to talk to you doesn’t give you authority over their lives. Be civil and understanding with them. Treat them with respect and never give them a reason to doubt or distrust you.

You are a guy, the cool guy, the great guy. Don’t ruin it with unnecessary demands or unfounded statements. Be a gentleman and never force her into what she ordinarily will not want to do.

To force her to satisfy your sexual urges. Discuss your urges with her and let her decide if she wants to reciprocate or not.

 Never let your urges push you over her decisions. Control yourself and help her control herself as well if need be.

Don’t just hit and dodge. Build something that will last something strong enough to make a future. Find opportunities together and make exploits together. Be this guy. And she will always love and adore you. Even if it never worked out, you will always remember each other. Be this guy.

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