One of the greatest enemies to every married man is this ridiculous self neglect habit majority of married women these days seems to form.

It’s no longer new that most married women seem to abandon themselves after marriage their hairs are always unkempt; they wear rubbish cloths and look tattered.
Some women claim that raising a family is not easy as it never gives you time for yourself, others say their husbands don’t take care of them where as some insist that they are trying the best they can.

Whatever the reason maybe, I want you to know that the men don’t like it. Your husband doesn’t like it. I understand that married can be stressful especially for the women who have to take care of the home, do the chores, take care of the kids as well as their husbands and at the same time, cook for the family and other stuff.

Taking care of themselves is almost always the last thing on their mind as other things tend to become a priority to them and once they are done, they barely have enough energy to even worry about what they are wearing or their hair. But this should not be a permission for married women to ignore themselves.
Come on, you’ve got to look good if not for anything but for yourself. You’ve got to carry a good hair and dress well.

Just like while you were still young. You can take care of yourself, you can look good for yourself, you husband as well as your kids. The good cloths and looks are not just for special occasions.

They have to be an everyday thing for you and marriage is not an excuse for it not to be. all you need to good planning and an awesome management skill and everything will work out great. You will have more time for yourself as well as enough to look good and feel good.

In this article, I’ll show you simple and effective ways you can use as a married woman or even a single mother to fight that habit of self-neglect and take back control of your husband’s attention as well as your self-image.
You see, men are very much attracted by what they see and when you are not conscious of how you look, they will most definitely lose interest in you and hence look for another. This need not be your situation.

With this few secrets I’ll show you, you can take back your husbands attention as well as your own self-image.


ALWAYS GO OUT. one of the major things that often leads to married women ignoring themselves is the unavailability of peer challenges.

Ware very sensitive beings. When they see their peers looking good, they can help but try to look good themselves and one of the best way to keep such sensitivity alive is to always be in the mist of their peers.

In our culture, its often required that married woman should disassociate from their peers and start to associate with other married women’s.

Even in the churches, they have the youths but once a woman gets married, she joins the women group and is expected to drop everything youthful which usually mean their dressing, places their go to and a lot of them.

Now for a woman who want to avoid self-neglect after marriage, you need to reexamine this cultural and religious rules. You need to understand what is needed and what is just plain rubbish. If the women group are not in line with how you want to look and dress as well as feel, do yourself the favor of looking elsewhere.

Go out and meet new people, go for seminars not just burials. Hangout with others, watch the fashion channels. If you see more of the good looking ones, it will rub off on you and before you know it, you start looking good, you start dressing good and feeling good too. Don’t lock yourself inside in the guise of marriage. Take chances to better your experiences and learn more as well.

PLAN YOUR DAY. The idea of working with a plan can never be over emphasized. I know it is not easy but it is not impossible. Many people have done it and many more are still doing it.

Plan your entire day ahead of time and try as much as you can to maintain it. Set time for cooking, time for shopping, time for the kids and their assignments, time for the chores and time for which of them. setting time for almost everything, and following them will give you extra time to take care of your own self.

I said almost everything because as a family woman, some unplanned things are bound to come out. thing you never planned for but if you follow you plans, whatever might come out will not be that much of a deal or it will not be that heavy on you. When you work with a plan, you will be in the best position to regulate your speed and do the most important things first. Working with a plan, will also help you build a routine around your daily activities and further give you control over yourself, your family as well as your feelings.

GET EVERYONE INVOLVED. Another interesting way to fight self-neglect as a married woman is to get everyone involved both your husbands and your kids. Let them understand that you need to take care of yourself as well hence they should help out with some of the house chores and other things so that you can squeeze out some time for yourself.

Your families should understand the need to help out in the home. This way, you won’t have to do everything by yourself. If possible, get relatives as well to help. Some have the luxury to get a maid while others don’t but if you can, get a member of your family to come stay with you.

That way, you will have more time on your hand to consider getting a new hair or even cutting it down. Don’t always try to do it all. You will wear out and then neglect yourself.

GET ENOUGH SLEEP. I don’t have to tell you that you need your rest if you must succeed as a married woman. Marriage can be very demanding and sometimes it will drain you to your last atom of energy. I

is very important that you get enough sleep. Research have shown that one of the major reasons married women often tend to ignore themselves is that they are almost always tired. They don’t get enough sleep and therefore don’t have enough strength to carry out their daily chores and still take care of themselves.

As a married woman, you need to understand the important of having adequate sleep. This will help you better prepare yourself to fight the habit of self-neglect and take back your husbands attraction as well as your own feeling of completeness.

LOOK GOOD. Looking good doesn’t necessary mean you have to have the best of cloths or shoes or even jewelries. Whatever you have you can look good on. Iron your cloths, polish your shoes and avoid wearing torn or undersize or oversize cloths or shoes. Look smart and wear perfumes. If you have the luxury, fluent it.

If you don’t, which ever one you use, make it the best it can be. Know that it’s not the cloth that makes you look good, it’s you that makes the cloth look good. Make your hair even if you don’t have money, get your friends and relatives to bread it for you. There simple breads that are very beautiful and often looks better than expensive ones. Or you cut and carve you hair, don’t ever leave it bushy. And wear a good shoe or slippers. Try as much as possible to look like you looked before marriage and try to get in shape. This way, you will have your man all by yourself.

HAVE A GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE. This is probably the most important of them all. Every married woman should endeavor to have a great personal hygiene this is because no woman who is conscious of being clean will never neglect herself. If you are currently trying to fight it, this is a very important way to start. Build a very strong sense of personal hygiene.

Look good and smell good. Keep things in order and clean. Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Finally, understand that marriage is not an excuse for negligence. Take responsibility for your personal life. Keep your husbands constantly attracted to you and always maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good personal hygiene. Don’t ruin your married. If not for anything else, you owe yourself that much so, take the challenge and take back control over your life and family for good.

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