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The ability to satisfy a woman in bed is every man’s dreams. That said, the reality of having a weak erection or erection problems is every man’s night mare. It’s no news that a lot of men suffer erection problems which is the inability of a man to get or keep an erection that is firm and strong enough to have sex.

Believe me when I tell you that weak erection, erectile dysfunction or erection problems affects as many as 30 million men and is the highest cause of relationships/marriage failures in the world. Though most men have erection problem from time to time which is absolutely normal.

In fact, according to Cleveland Clinic, having a weak erection 20% of the time is actually no cause for alarm as it’s not really a serious issue as a lot of factor like stress and tiredness as well as mood swing can cause that but when it becomes a problem is when it happens about 50% of the time in which you really should get medical attention.



When a man is sexually aroused, the brain sends a signal that causes the hormones, the nerves as well as the bloods to work together.


The signals cause the muscle of the erection chamber in the penis, the Corpus Cavernosum which is made up of sponge like muscle tissues to relax enabling blood to flow in after which it closes allowing you to maintain the erection.

The blood pressure in the chamber makes the penis firm thereby causing erection. Also, when you achieve orgasm, the brain sends another signal which cause the sponge like muscle tissue to relax again there by emptying the blood back into circulation and the erection comes down.

Now when a man experiences erectile dysfunction about 50% of the time, its ether the muscle of the corpus Cavernosum can’t hold the pressure long enough or no blood is flowing into the penis.



Weak erection

The cause of weak erection can be either physical or psychological or in most cases, both. While emotional issue can be a real pain to a man of any age, physical causes of weak erection is mostly found in older man from age 50 upward. This is usually due to certain disorders that affected the nerves and blood vessels which are responsible for producing and maintaining an erection. Some of this physical causes includes:

High blood pressure


High cholesterol

Liver or kidney disease

Too much intake of alcohol

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Heart disease

Parkinson’s disease

Penile scarring which can result to a curved penis

Long term use of drugs like Anti-depressants and Diuretics

Long term tobacco use

Prostate problems treatment procedures.


The psychological cause of weak erection ranges from worries to depression, family disputes, emotional distress and trauma.
Even though many young people rarely suffer weak erection or ED from all of the above physical causes, in a research carried out in 2013 by the journal of sexual medicines, the result showed that about 26% of men within the age of 17 to 40 years old experience weak erection.

The percentage of weak erection cases in young men are mostly attributed to depression and anxiety as well as their lifestyle and mental health as they are often found to use more tobacco, alcohol and other forms of drugs than the older mans.



Know man who has ED remains the same. The effects of having erectile dysfunction though mostly psychological, can greatly affect your life style at a very alarming level. It can cause you a lot of stress and anxiety and leave you depressed and prone to injury. It can lead to low self-esteem as well as inferiority complex especially when around other men.

It brings you great dissatisfaction with your sexual life, and can also lead to relationship problems.


Treatment for Erectile dysfunction largely depends on the stage of the ED as there are graded on a three stage scale which are Mild, Moderate and Severe.

Now, the first step of treatment starts with identifying which stage you fall in. this can be done by carrying out a Complete blood count (CBC) this is to ascertain the level of your red blood cell, Hormone Profile. This procedure measures the level of your sexual hormones Testosterone and Prolactin. And other tests. once it is ascertained, your physician can either choose between medical treatment or just a simple life style change.

Some of the medical treatments includes injecting a particular medication called Alprostadil directly into your Corpus Cavernosum or the Urethra, oral medications as well as surgery for severe cases.

Now if your treatment requires a change in your lifestyle which is mostly the case as our life style choices most of the time is really terrible.

Some of the lifestyle changes includes, avoidance of tobacco and other hard and harmful drugs. Reduce or avoid alcohol, drinking enough water, eating healthy, exercising regularly as well as getting adequate rest.


ED is a problem that very much deserves the saying “Prevention is better than cure” and it can be very well prevented if you take the time to watch and adjust your life style.


As its the major contributing factor to millions of cases of Erectile Dysfunction all over the world. And this lifestyle changes includes:

Regular exercise: ED is caused by lack of blood flow hence the need to pay close attention to your circulatory health and what better way to do that than exercise. This will help improve your blood flow and at the same time help you build up stamina. Especially cardio-based exercises like swimming, biking, running and other form of aerobic exercises.

Avoid drug abuse: we live in a society where everyone wants to be high. But if you really want to escape ED, don’t be everyone. Run as far away as possible from hard and harmful drugs and tobacco. As they can cause ED. Also, taking drugs outside of doctor’s prescription, and inappropriate use of prescribed drugs.

Avoid excess sugar, Salt, Unhealthy fats in short, avoid taking consuming too much of the three white poisons, (Salt, sugar and floor) as it might leave you obese with will increase your risk of having ED.

Get adequate treatment for chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart Diseases as well as BP. As they can contribute to erection problems.

The idea of having Erectile Dysfunction is a major concern among the male folk and must be addressed with immediate attention. Be conscious of your general health and watch out for frequency in weak erection and seek help immediately.

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