Lose weight without going to the gym or running a marathon


I can understand the stress as well as how time consuming it is being a mother and a wife. How you have to take care of everyone else first and hardly have enough time for yourself, how you don’t really get the chance to exercise or even the luxury to eat well enough.

I understand how you always have to wake up early, prepare the kids for school and at the same time, make breakfast for them as well as your husband and then prepare for work.

After about 8 hours at the office, you rush to the market to buy food for the family and then you come home to cook and wash both for the kids, yourself and your husband. You do the kids home work and when they are asleep you have to please the husband too slowly your energy level keeps sliding down and down and at the same time, you weight seem to be going up.

You have no time to work on yourself and your weight keeps going up until you become over weight. I completely understand that it’s not your fault. This is why in this article I’m going to show you how to lose weight and remain fit even as a very busy mom.
If you read to the end, I promise you will wake up every day with a smile on your face knowing that you can actually be a busy mom and still remain fit.

Gone are the days when you have to go to the gym everyday in other to lose weight and stay healthy. Gone are the days when you have to run a marathon in other to lose weight which I know is not an option for a busy mom like you even though it’s very good.

You can lose weight by making small adjustments to your every day thing. By adjusting some of the things you normally do on a daily basis, you can achieve your desired body size and weight and still maintain it. Without much talk, here are some of the changes that will get you to your desired weight and body size without ever having to run a marathon or visit the gym.

DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST. I understand that most women above breakfast all in the effort to lose weight. Now if your idea is to lose weight and remain fit, don’t avoid breakfast. You see, research have shown that women who eat breakfast every morning have a better chance at losing weight. This is because when you eat breakfast in the morning, you won’t be so hungry in the afternoon that you have to finish two big plates of rice and beans with maybe two meat and then, wash it down with one big Pepsi or coke.

Eating breakfast help you watch your diet become you won’t be that hungry that you will not mind what you are eating. I believe this is why breakfast is regarded as the most important food of the day. Also, having enough energy in the morning will give you the strength to further burn down more fats during the day by being more active. Breakfast should in fact be your biggest meal of the day.

This is because you will have more time to burn them off compare to when you eat the big stuffs in the afternoon or at night when it will accumulate in to fat and makes you fat.


TAKE SMALL WALKS. Most moms often prefer taking a drop off than the public transport. This is mostly become once the public transport drops them at the closest bus top to their homes they have to walk home but the drop off will bring them to their home.

Do yourself the favor and taking the public transport. You that little distance you have to walk from the bus top to your home might be the only thing keeping you away from overweight. The small walk to the junction, the market or even to your friends place or your neighbors, don’t ignore them. Do them as much as you have to for as much as you can. Especially if you are too busy to run either in the morning or weekends.

For those who drive, do you self a little favor of parking maybe a block or two away from your office so you have to walk back to the office. Also, try using the stairs instead of the elevator as little exercises like that will help you burn fat without stress.


DON’T EAT JUNK FOODS. As humans, I completely get the need to eat every spicy and colorful thing we see. We drink a lot of sugary thing and eat a lot of junk food that accumulate over time and make us over weight. As a mom, who wants to lose weight and be fit, you need to be extra careful about what you eat.

Try as much as you can to plan your eating list at the beginning of the week. Plan for you and your family and do your best to stick to it.

And make sure that your planed list for the will contains more vegetables and fruits than anything else. Also, reduce the number of times you eat out. Sticking to your home cooked meal is a better way to watch what you eat and therefore helping you regular level your calories intake.


TAKE ADEQUATE REST/SLEEP. In your quest to lose weight, the amount of sleep/rest you get is as important as the things you eat. Research has shown that at an average of about 30% of adults don’t get up to 6 hours of sleep a day which is a very bad idea for anybody especially moms who wants to lose weight and be fit.

According to a major review, short sleep duration increases the likelihood of obesity to about 55% for adults and 89% for children.

Not getting enough sleep can also increase your appetite this is because inadequate sleep can hamper the effect of the Hormones Ghrelin (a hormone that signals hunger) and Leptin (a hormone that suppresses hunger and signals fullness) which are responsible for regulating hunger.

At the same it, if you deprive yourself of sleep, your body will produce more of Cortisol hormone which is a stress hormone that greatly increases your appetite hence, causing you to eat constantly thereby increasing your calories intake and making you overweight.

Adequate sleep can make your cells resist Insulin (A hormone that moves sugar from the bloodstream into your body’s cells where they are used as energy) and when your cells becomes insulin resistant, more sugar remains in your bloodstream and when your body tries to compensate by producing more insulin, which makes you hungrier and stores more calories as fat hence making you over weight. This is also one of the major causes of type 2 diabetes.

Your body produces the most of the growth hormone like Adiponectin,( a protein hormone which helps regulate glucose level and fatty acid breakdown) and Cholecystokinin (A peptide hormone of the gastrointestinal system that helps in the digestion of fat and protein.) during sleep or rest.

And this hormones helps you burn more fats, repair your tissues and build up you’re your muscles there by giving you enough strength and energy to be more productive and make more helpful choices.

STAY HYDRATED. Taking enough water is a very important habit for a mom trying to lose weight and be fit. This is because, taking enough water helps curbing your appetites, it ensures that you don’t overeat. Also, taking enough water helps nourish your skin and keep it plump and blemish free. So, always take a can of water with you as it will go a long way in helping you lose weight and maintaining it as well as looking good while at it.

DECLARE YOUR INTENTION. It’s very wise that you let your family and loved ones know about your desire to lose weight and be fit. This way they will support you and support and encouragements from family and friends will help you fight temptations and stay on track.

Let your kids understand the need to help out. Get them involved in some of the house chore. This will give you more time to sleep and rest adequately.
Also, getting your family and friends involved will enable them suggest for you other ways that will help you lose weight and be fit, as well as talk about it which will help you a lot.

Finally, being a mom should not be an excuse for you to be overweight and shapeless. Men hate that and most of them will leave you if you don’t control it. So, here is a chance for you to do something about it. Here is a chance for you to take back control of your life.

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