Living in Nigeria and making peanut as means with which to take care of your ever increasing needs, let me just say you understand how much of a debate the idea of savings is especially for a Nigerian. (See that underlined word, that’s a very dominant factor.)

Trying to make a living and paying your bills as well as sorting out other emergencies from the little you earn, the idea of saving can be likened to a man who stares at the sky everyday hoping that one day money will just fall into his arms. Simply put, it is almost impossible.

Saving is a lot like eating right. We all know that we should save for retirement, emergencies as well as personal goals just as we know we should eat more vegetables and fruits, and avoid high fatty foods but actually doing it becomes the problem. It is hard to avoid spending money when it’s right in front of you or thinking about investments when there are pills bills to pay.

But if you must stand a chance of ever investing and reaching your financial goals, you need to learn to save from that little peanut you have. If you are interested in the idea of saving and investing as well as earning high interest on your savings and investments, read till the end, I will show you how to save and invest from the little you make as well as where to save and invest them.
I will sure you opportunities available here in Nigeria where you can save money and invest them as well as make tones of profit with no background or degree in finance or investing.
I will sure you how to become rich like the likes of Dangote with just your smart phone and internet access.

First of all, for you to actually succeed in saving up money to invest, you need to rethink the way you treat the idea of saving. Most of us treat savings like an afterthought.

We spend all we earn on our bills as well as personal gains and then whatever remains afterwards becomes our savings. And you will agree with me that nothing ever remains.
I completely understand that saving is not an easy thing to do out of will but if you are willing to work on it, your financial situation is likely to improve over time.

I know this might seem farfetched especially for those of us living in Nigeria. But you will agree with me that having something kept aside at the end of a month or a year after having paid your bills does bring a kind of feeling with it. The kind of feeling that I believe you would love to have.


Some of the advantages of having something kept aside at the end of every month or year include:

PEACE OF MIND : without argument, we all have had the awful experience of having to lie awaking at night restless simply because we are thinking of how to get money for the things we want or how to pay a debt we owe or pay our kids school fees, you name it. Having a savings somewhere will ensure that such restless night never comes.
Your accumulated savings will ensure that all your financial worries will become a thing of the past. Hence freeing up your energy and time for more enjoyable thoughts and activities.

IT GIVES YOU LIMITLESS OPTIONS: it’s said that money controls everything and those who said that were very right. With enough money, you can control what you do and when you do them. In essence, you control your own life.

You choose when to work and when to rest; you choose what to eat, where to eat them and how much you want to eat. You can’t die of illness because you have the means to provide for yourself the needed treatments; you travel around and see the world at your own will.

I don’t know about you but I’m already buying this idea of having something kept aside at the end of the month, year or even week.

All this benefits could be yours if you are willing to pay the price saving and investing in a high income opportunity.

You put your money to work and let it work for you and before you know it, you have enough money to finally be able to afford a peace of mind and limitless options at your own will. It is no longer a dream we hope will become a reality one day, it’s already closer that you think and I will show it to you.

I will sure you opportunities available here in Nigeria where you can save money and invest them as well as making tones of profit with no background or degree in finance or investing. You don’t have to wait until you have millions before you starting investing.

I’ll show you how and where you can invest starting from as little as 1000 to as much as you can save up. I will also show you how to automatically take out your saving from your bank account immediately your salary is paid so you won’t have to go through the brain touchier of having to put it away yourself.


Without wasting much of your time, let me sure you where you can save as well as invest your money in Nigeria.

PIGGYVEST: this was formally called piggybank. In less than three years of establishment, piggy vest have successfully helped over 250,000 people in Nigeria save a total of 20 million dollars (over 7 billion naira). This mobile application tech infused platform was designed in such a way that you get paid for saving your own money for your own self.
As well as investing on a number of opportunities ranging from Agro to mining as well as livestock.

One of the things I like most in Piggy vest is that it offers automatic savings. This means that you don’t need to always go through the tough decision of having to put the money away yourself.
The automatic savings automatically withdraws a specific amount of your choice at a time of your choice from your preferred bank account and saves it for you where it will generate a 10% interest for you and from where you can as well invest your money within their platform. Their packages includes
Core savings or Piggybank. This plan allows you to save daily, weekly or monthly.
Target savings: this helps you to save towards a defined financial goal like school fees, rent, vacation etc.

Safe lock: this package gives you the opportunity to lock down your savings for a specified period of time. And you earn up to 15.5% per annum.
Investify: this package helps you earn from investing in pre-vetted, low and medium risk investment opportunities.


COWRYWISE: this is another great financial technology company in Nigeria that since its establishment helped Nigerian save money as well as invest in a low, medium and high risk investment opportunities. At a saving interest of 10% and an ever increasing investment interests. Cowry wise is one of the best mobile application in Nigeria. There packages includes

Regular savings: this package helps you save daily, weekly or monthly. Once you set up this package, your specified amount will be deducted automatically from your specified account.
Life goal: This package is meant to help you meet your long term financial goals.

Halal savings: this plan is for Muslims who do not believe in earning interest on their savings as this package offer no interest.

PORKMONEY: pork- money is Africa’s leading pig farming enterprise. We all know that the demand for pork meat is on the rise and research has shown that it will continue to rise still as a lot of people are running away from red meat.

So, pork- money has provided an opportunity for you to make money from the increasing demand of pork meat.
This is an opportunity for you to earn about 15 – 30% interest return of investment depending on which of their three investment packages you are applying for.

The best park of this opportunity is that you can acquire a pig farm, rare your pig and cash out using your smart phone and you never have to go to the farm. To learn more of their packages and how to invest, visit their website for further details on how to invest.

Other options includes PayDay investors, Kolopay, I-Vest, Afrinvestor Etc other investment platform which you can invest in using your phone without an financial education or knowledge of investment and also without living the comfort of your home still abounds.

But this are the few we can recommend know. Check them out and starting preparing your take off your financial independence today.

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