I am an Igbo man I can’t deny that because of politics-Amechi

Chibuike Amechi in his words have accused the Governor of River state of killing IPOB members because he desires to be president of Nigeria come 2023.


He stated that The Governor of River state takes hard Drugs,in his statement Governor wike of River state denied his heritage because of his political ambition and demolished Igbo houses and shops just to please the Fulani Government.

He said”

I cannot deny my Igbo heritage because of politics. I am an Igbo man and my wife is also an Igbo woman from Anambra State.

Nyesom Wike denied being an Igbo man because he wants to be vice president to Aminu Tambuwal in 2023.

Nyesom Wike hates Igbos because his father occupied a house of an Igbo man from Imo State after the civil war in the name of abandoned property.

Nyesom Wike hatred for Igbos made him demolish Igbo shops when he was Chairman of Obio/Akpor Local Governments in Rivers State.


I don’t support IPOB, but Nyesom Wike wants to get federal government support by accusing IPOB of all the killings In Rivers State.

I cannot bring myself down to Nyesom Wike’s level because he smokes Indian hemp and that is why he talks out of point

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