Possible cure for corona virus

A professor of virology, Madubike Ezeibe of Michael opkara university of agriculture umudike MOUAU Nigeria who previously announced his discovery for the cure of HIV (human immune virus) in and interview with news agency gave assurance that his antidote can cure the deadly disease ravaging asian countries (COVID 19)

He expressed confidence on his therapy which he said is doing much great in curing HIV/AIDs will make corona virus things of the past.

When price was asked of him he made it known that price is not the problem now.

“Noting on how the remedy works, the Dean explained that “electrostatic attraction would make electrically charged medicines mop pathogens which have opposite charges, is a known scientific fact and that viruses and irregular (infected /tumour) cells are electrically charged is now known.

” Covid-19 virus and Lassa fever virus (DNA viruses) are negatively charged. Small sizes of viruses enable them to infect cells, inaccessible to big molecules. So, existing antiviral medicines want immunity to complement their results but some viruses cause immune deficiency.

As a silicate, AMS also normalises immunity and as a stabilizing agent, it enhances the efficacy of antimicrobials to achieve efficient treatment secondary infections.

“Effective treatment of secondary infections would cure any viral /abnormal cell diseases including Covid -19 and Lassa fever “, the statement read.

Additionally, Professor Ezeibe challenged countries who’re affected by the virus to return and use his therapy for medical trial on their patients.

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