The leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi kanu on his emergency broadcast today 26th march 2020 has urged his followers to obey all medical instructions,keep to self isolation and to maintain high level of personal hygiene.

In his words he stressed on the need for self isolation and quarantine,he urged all of his followers not to wait for the government of Nigeria befor taking a decision to quarantine his or her self..

Further more stated that IPOB is taking proactive measures to help all Biafrans combat this virus.

Ipob will be building hospitals all over the states of BIAFRA to help combat this virus as the Nigeria state announced to be closing down all hospitals as all the doctors and nurses has isolated them self.

He stressed on unite among all Governors in all the eastern Nigeria,he said let us drop all our differences and fight against this virus.

Stay turned…..

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