The leader of IPOB in his recent broadcast slams igbo billionaires for giving Nigeria Government money.

He called such act foolishness,he said ipob is not demanding for money from you but instead of of giving it to the federal government,you would have given it to banks to share.

The federal government of Nigeria has called for a total lock down of every state in the Nation in attempt to stop the spread of corona virus in the Nation,but no means of livery hood was made available for the people,as many other civilized country pay her citizens to stay ahome.

Some igbo politicians trying to help has donated alot of billions to the FG.

Nnamdi kanu in his words said

“Innoson, You Gave The Zoo (Nigeria🇳🇬) Government Money, Instead Of You To Use It To Provide Testing Centers Across Our Land And Now They Have Abandoned Us, BIAFRANS Are Not In Their Plans.” – Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

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