One of the Nigerian senator , Senator Abribe in his words have accused Nigeria of been uncivilized in dealing with important issues especially things regarding to #Nigeria .

according to his words he said “

When president Muhammadu Buhari started this marginalisation war against Igbos, I laughed because I knew where it would end.

I called for dialogue because that is the best solution to resolve problems in a civilised countries, but I realised that Nigeria is not a civilised country.

Buhari’s government decided to use military to stop the agitation of Igbo youths who are agitating because of marginalisation.

The government also labelled them terrorists and invaded the house of their leader.

Since that invasion of military in Nnamdi Kanu’s house, Nigeria has not had peace till today.

The group you labelled terrorists are being considered for asylum in UK.

The government should know that you don’t use force when dealing with youths of these days.

Let us continue watching this drama till the end!

-Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe

Senator Abaribe anyinnaya have always been a serious treat to the APC government and have continued to throw his support behind IPOB MEMBERS ,do you think this is a political words? Leave a comment below.

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