Nigeria soldier kills a young man and ran away with his car.

A Nigeria military man has been apprehended after been traced to the death of a young man who went missing, accounting to our source the young man offered the military man a lift and was murdered.

During the investigation, the car was located because it had tracker on it.according to daily trust “

The man wearing military uniform begged a man for a ride at Eleme Junction, heading towards Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State.

The unsuspecting car owner(driver) must have thought that a military companion inside one’s vehicle won’t be a bad idea, considering the various security challenges facing the country at the moment.

He obliged and picked the soldier up. He did not know that the soldier is a criminal and cold blooded murderer.

He killed the owner of the car along the way and snatched the vehicle, but never knew that the car had a tracker as he was later tracked and arrested.

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