The leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi on his recent broadcast has instructed his followers to return police brutality with brutality .

According to his words on Radio Biafra London when broadcasting on 19 of April 2020,he said that the way police kill our kids and brothers is gone out of hand , after the killing of a young boy in a bit start by a police officer who was trying to enforce lockdown on people.

Shoot a young boy of 18 years,who’s goods landed and was been offloaded.

This incident created a scene as police stations , police vehicle was burnt down many prisoners released.

On this account the leader of IPOB has order Nigerian youths to stand against such brutality.

Some extracts from his broad cast.

He urged all biafrans living in the North to be set to leave North part of Nigeria He said”

. Tell our people in the Northern part of the failed Nigeria to organize themselves cos we are going home.

. Abba Kyria died on the 2nd day of April, we announced it, they were busy running around to get a mask for Abba Kyria instead of telling the people the truth.

.Abba Kyria embezzled #13.5 billion naira meant for Aso Rock Clinic. Himself and his family took over NNPC as their family business.

.There is nobody more corrupt than Magu the EFCC Chairman he keeps money for Abba kyari

. The message I have for them, my Yoruba brothers is that their blind envy and unfounded hatred against Biafra will ruin them.

.Who are the people paying taxes in Lagos?. Who are the people importing goods in Lagos?. Who runs the economy of the zoo?. Are they not Biafrans?. When the MKO Abiola crises broke out and Biafrans left Lagos, was there still anything going on in Lagos.

. We do not go to Yoruba land to kill them rather we go there and develop their land.
Burning down our houses and shops makes no difference because whoever that is blessed by heaven cannot be cursed by man. If you burn one shop, you will see three spring up. The whole world tried it with Israel, they kept trying eventually Israel prevailed.

. Tukur Yusuf Buratai is on the run now.

. All the oil that you are seeing they lift everyday, it is coming from Igbo land. They move it through pipeline because no ship can come into Orlu. So in all your life nobody have ever told you that shell BP started in owerri?.
How do you think they move oil from the desert, your limit of education is that the only people that have oil are those living around the River where you see the ships.

. Adeleke was arrested for having a house party, who has been arrested for the flouting of the social distance order at Abba Kyria burial?. Yoruba media you do not complain because you are weak

. There is a Yoruba man I have respect so much, he is Pa Ayo Adebanjo. I respect him for his consistency, he never changes from his stand.

. Once a Police man or army kills anybody in Biafra land, overpower them and kill them back. Return their brutality with brutality.

. Mazi Uchenna Edeh is the cordinator for the Northern part of Nigeria. Assemble our people because we are going home soon.

.Abba Kyria has been meeting with Hope Uzodinma [the Imo State imposed Governor], at Aso-Rock, if you have met hope, you may have covid-19. Go and test yourself.

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