Reno Omokri sends a strong letter to his fellow Nigeria men who desires to keep a side chick yet married.

In his words he called them FOOLS for having a wife home and still keep side chick, according to him he advised them to keep a side business apart from their work.

In other not to go broke when one fails you need a two source of income not a side chick.

His words.

Dear men,

Only FOOL has a wife and a side chick, but does not have a job and a side business. Instead of having a high sexual libido, why not have a high business libido? Be faithful to your wife. If you must have something on the side, let it be business! The first income every man enjoys in life are his mother’s breast. 2 breasts. 2. Not 1. Nature taught you never to rely on a single source of income. If one breast does not produce milk, the other will. If salary fails you, then you suck the breast of business!

#RenosNuggets #EndSARS

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