Reasons why you should invest in cryptocurrency

The world seems to be in what we can see as global fear, as a lot of restrictions are placed on humans in many countries of the world, in other to avoid much spread of Covid 19(coronavirus).

Trump has canceled all US travels to and from Europe.
Saudi Arabia has banned travels to and from the European Union.
Ukraine has canceled flights to 16 countries.
Kuwait has banned all commercial flights.
Hungary bans arrivals from Italy, Iran, South Korea, and China.

Travel bans, as you can see, what hope do humans have? remote learning?
Maybe yes, paper money might not be what to rest on, a lot of companies now equip its industries with artificial intelligence(Robot)displacing many humans from offices.

Reasons why you should look into the crypto world, going through all this update on the world, what fate are you seeing?

The coronavirus outbreak has prompted air travel restrictions and cancellations of high-level conferences across the continent.

Uganda has banned visitors from traveling from some ‘highly hit’ countries, including the US, China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, South Korea, and Spain.

Uganda also postponed the 2020 United Nations G77 and China Summit scheduled for mid-April in the Ugandan capital of Kampala due to the corona virus threat, the minister said. More than 6,000 delegates from 136 member states were expected to attend.

Rwanda Air, Kenya Airways and Morocco’s Royal Air Maroc are among some African airlines that have suspended flights to China.

NBA suspends season.
St. Patrick’s Day parade canceled.
France closes all football games to fans.
Spain cancels all football games to fans.
Games in England are being canceled.

Denmark closes all schools and universities.
Poland closes all universities.
Hungary closes all universities.
Australia closes all universities.
Italy closes all public gatherings and stores, except pharmacies.

Google tells all its 100k+ employees to work from home henceforth.

Harvard University cancels all in-person classes.

It is after these black swan events that some companies and individuals take off and leave their competition in the background.

Uber and Airbnb were born in the 2007-2009 great recession. Amazon and Google leapfrogged in the mid-to-late 1990s dotcom crash.

Post-corona virus will create a demand for some skills that we as companies and individuals need to start thinking about now.

The world as you can see seems to be in a big problem

What skills do you need to learn to make yourself valuable in an increasingly remote world? Because I assure you that after this all dies down, the world is not remaining the same. thinking about all this, crypto seems to be the future.

Looking at policy regulations going on in different countries of the world, crypto seems to be the talk of every parliament, as a lot of countries who banned crypto for years seem to be reactivating it now.

‌‌2020 US Presidential Candidate Proposes Launch Of AmeriCoin Backed By ‘All’ Federal Assets

On a detailed update, going through India on crypto
The Supreme Court of India has ruled against a decision imposed by the country’s central bank nearly two years ago that stifled crypto trading in Asia’s third-largest economy.

According to a report from Bloomberg, a three-judge bench of the court ruled on Wednesday in favor of petitions by crypto exchanges and startups that opposed the decision made by the Reserve Bank of India in April 2018, which banned domestic financial institutions from providing banking services to crypto exchanges.

The central bank’s decision at the time forced crypto exchanges in the country to either close, relocate to other jurisdictions or shift their business model to crypto-to-crypto and over-the-counter trading.

While crypto exchanges immediately filed petitions to the Supreme Court after the central bank’s decision in 2018, a clear decision had not been reached until Wednesday after several rounds of hearings. Some exchanges had been forced to close as trade plunged while the case was ongoing.

“The uplifting of the ban by the Supreme Court is going to open new opportunities for India in terms of investments, economy, and a market as a whole,” said Sumit Gupta, founder, and CEO of exchange aggregator CoinDCX. “As few of the surviving petitioners of the case, we are thankful to the Supreme Court for hearing our side of the story. We have always seen crypto as a potential to unlock India’s breathe m of becoming a $5 trillion economy.”

Tanvi Ratna, the CEO, and founder of Policy 4.0, which works at crypto policymaking in India, wrote in a pre-verdict analysis on Tuesday that the win would mean for “a resurgence the of liquidity and resumption of activity with exchanges and another startup, as well as 2008, stem

This is a boost on crypto, and opportunity for a lot of poor people to lay the foundation for the future,
It’ obvious that the world economy is going to crash.

Crude oil prices are already at its two year low, sp 500 index is nose diving, the debt imploding, China is already on a trade war with the USA.

All these points to only one direction. That what happened in 1929, as well as 2008, will repeat itself.

When will this happen? No one knows the exact date.

What should we do?
Jump into cryptos,.this is because when the worst happens, fiat will be the same as a used toilet paper

The future is crypto currency and block chain

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