Yesterday 02/02/2020,a suicides bomber had attempted to bomb Living faith church.
Many had earlier said the bomber was a christian,but according to the words of one of the opposition voice of BUHARI regime femi fani kayode on his official facebook page said:

If anyone really believes that the individual that attempted to plant a bomb in Winners Chapel, Kaduna is a Christian and that his real name is Nathaniel Tanko Samuel they need to have their heads examined.

He is actually a Hausa Fulani Muslim and his real name is Mohammed Nasiru Sani.

Kaduna-based Pastor David Azzaman, wrote:

“The Kaduna bomb planter Mohammed Sani confessed to being forced in detention to bear Nathaniel Tanko Samuel in custody. He confirmed he is a Muslim and Hausa Fulani. He also claims an influential Muslim contracted him to bomb Living Faith Church Kaduna because of Bishop David Oyedepo’s constant attacks against his people”.

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