Mr Simon Epka on his face book page has listed reason why Ipob might start going for arm struggle ,he stated that a lot of Ipob members have been killed,and Ipob is tired of written letters to ICC and the killing and rapping of her women continues without any remorse.

he wrote”


Let it be on record, some of the reasons the Biafra people have decided to take up arms to defend our ancestral land from Sultan of Sokoto led terrorist Miyetti Allah Jihad and Fulanisation of Nigeria.

  1. Miyetti Allah terrorist group otherwise called herdsmen are ranked number 4 deadliest terrorist group in the world by global terrorism index.
    Miyetti Allah has also taken full responsibility for all the genocide, killings, jihad, ethnic cleansing, holy war and killings across Nigeria, they’ve claimed onwership of these crimes.

Sultan of Soko is the BOT Chairman of Miyetti Allah terrorist group.

President Buhari when he was alive was a Grand Patron of Miyetti Allah terrorist group and the man who represent him in AsoRock has replaced him as Grand Patron of Miyetti Allah.

In all the killings orchestrated by Miyetti Allah, the Sultan of Sokoto, the Presidency and all security agencies succeeded in changing the story to herdsmen farmers clash, they threatened journalists in Nigeria by sending a letter mandating them never to report anything against Miyetti Allah or Fulani herdsmen and that if they do, they will be dealt with, the latest letter is dated 26.01.2021 and signed by one Dr. Chibuike Ogwumike of NBC.

  1. In all these killings, none of the board members of Miyetti Allah from Northern Nigeria has publicly resigned, not the Sultan of Sokoto, not the Presidency nor senators, governors that are members of the board of Miyetti Allah.

The Sultan of Sokoto instead of stepping down as the Chairman BOT of Miyetti Allah, he is having meeting upon meeting with them, strategising how they can kill everyone and take over Nigeria.

  1. The Fulani controlled Nigeria Government have been killing the Biafra agitators (IPOB members) since 2015.

In 2016 over 150 unarmed IPOB members were killed in an open field while they were praying according the Amnesty International reports.

The IPOB hired lawyers, filed a 93 page case to the ICC, and till date nothing has been done.

The Fulani Controlled FG of Nigeria killed Biafran in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 and IPOB filed the same report to the ICC, UN etc and nothing happened.

But in October 2020, Nigerians were killed in Lekki tollgate and within a month, the ICC publicly announced they’ve received petition against Nigeria government, within two month, the ICC announced they have opened investigation into Lekki killing, within 2 months, Nigeria government set up panel. Meanwhile the killings of innocent Biafrans, nobody has done anything, no panel has ever been set up, the ICC was communicated and no media publicity acknowledging that the IPOB filed petition and they’ve received it like they did to Lekki tollgate killing.

Do you see the reason it has become imperative to arm our people for self defence?

Apart from the armed struggle for Biafra, we are going to use our arms to defend our land, protect our women and children from the Sultan of Soko led Jihad against Nigerians.
I so submit on this day, 1.3.2021.

I am Simon Ekpa, your servant.

In Biafra Lies The Hope
-Changing The Narrative Of Yesterday-

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