10years old GRACE OGBO Narrates how a “REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD” Pastor raped her.

Translated in English below.

” My name is Grace Ogbo, I am 10years old,
One day we went to church our pastor told me to go and confirm is my mother is at home, if she’s at home you come, she went and CSME back reporting that her mum is not yet back. So she went on to their shop and was playing with her brother. The pastor sent her own daughter who’s exactly her age to tell her to bring “pure water” for him. So she got the water and gave to her brother to give the pastor on getting there the pastor requested that she grace should bring it herself. She took the water herself to the pastor who hurried to close and locked up the door behind her, hit her to the floor and pulled out her pant, forcefully inserting his penis into her vagina. She starting bleeding only for the pastor to use a paper to wipe our the blood”


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