The general over seer of Synagogue church of all Nation prophet TB -Joshua in one of his church services declared that the deadly virus that has left the world in state of pandemonium and sorrow will disappear from the face of the earth on 27th of march.

This have increased hope in many countries,many believes and alot dis believes on this,many wonder how,while many believe God can do it.

Tomorrow is the day, the day everybody have been looking forward to, will the virus miraculously disappear into thin air? Or will the Virus persist and even spiral out of control?

Two things are likely to happen tomorrow,the fate of his ministry will be affected positively or negatively..

1. Should the Virus miraculously disappear tomorrow, the Prophet will become the most respected man in the world and his God will be sought after. His ministry will grow without bounds, and his name will spread to all nations.

2. Should the virus persist after tomorrow, the Prophet is going to lose the respect many people have come to have for him. His ministry will lose some followers, and his fame will dwindle. Many personal have been affected by this pandemic, and many have lost their family members and friends, all eyes are on March 27th, and if after tomorrow this disease continues, Prophet T.B Joshua might not be able to recover from the baclash that will arise from his failed prophecy.

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