The leader of Ipob mazi nnamdi kanu on his verified facebook page claims that finally Aso Rock is down,he asked every of his followers to join tweeter for final battle.

He insisted that he will destroy Nigeria (zoo)according to him he has achieved this as Aso Rock is in disarray.

The full details of his post below.

World Exclusive-


By the grace of God and without firing a shot or having the benefit of an invading army, I can confidently announce to the world that entire hierarchy and edifice upon which the present rogue regime in Nigeria was based has crumbled, thanks to IPOB’s consistency and indefatigability. There is a huge black hole now at the heart Nigerian presidency wider than that on the neck of the mask wearing Jubril Al-Sudani.

As I write, there is so much turmoil in Aso Rock and diplomatic community in Abuja that European diplomats aboard an evacuation flight from Lagos a few days ago noted that Nigeria is finished as there is no single constitutionally recognised entity in Aso Rock to provide leadership at this critical time.

•Nigeria has no legitimate president, no active vice president as Yemi Osinbajo is intubated and unconscious, no Chief of Staff- Abba Kyari is on a life support machine in Havana Cuba struggling to stay alive. Aso Rock is an abandoned ship heading for the rocks.

•Unfortunately for the criminals in Aso Rock, Jubril Al-Sudani who is the only trained actor groomed to mimmick the antics of the late Buhari, is marooned in Cuba as a result of Coronavirus unable to leave the bedside of his recruiter and mentor Abba Kyari.

•Femi Adesina and his side kick Lauretta Onochie the former sex trafficker turned Twitter admin for the cabals have been so tormented by IPOB social media warriors that they are now afraid of posting any more photoshopped images and edited videos of their fraud who is another young man in Aso Rock in a Buhari mask. They wheel him out at predictable intervals to wave at the camera. This stand in comedian is terrified and wants to run for his dear life but has been held hostage by remnants of the regime, some of whom are infected with Coronavirus.

When under the instruction of Heaven we in IPOB commenced this divine project to restore Biafra, I made two prophetic statements:

1. I will destroy and crumble Nigeria with the truth.

2. Biafra will come without firing a shot.


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