The leader of IPOB/director of Radio Biafra,Mazi Nnamdi Kanu during his life broadcast on Thursday evening 04-02-2021 stated that the reason why Nigeria is were it is today today is because of Yoruba media,according to him denies Nigerians the truths out of jealousy and hate .

he said “

Yoruba media is evil,I won’t forgive them,that the evil happening in Nigeria now,the killing of our mothers and raping of our daughters that is going on now in Nigeria is because Yoruba media,why out of hate and jealousy”

Because the person saying the truth about what is happening in that contraption called country is an Igbo man,Yoruba wrote all junk and still written Rubbish about IPOB but today they are now shouting written every 5seconds supporting Sunday .

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