The publicity and media secretary of Indigenous people of Biafra mr Emma powerful in a Press statement issued on the 12th day of February 2021 attacks the minister of information LAI Mohammed ,calls him out as a Mouthpiece for terrorist.

Few days ago the Minister of information mr LAI Mohammed in his statement called on the federal government of Nigeria to grant Fulani herdsmen /Bandits Amnesty and not to proscribe them like IPOB

According to punch:

Seeking amnesty for bandits and proscribing Peaceful movement IPOB makes you a mouth piece for Terrorist Emmapowerful in his words,

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has noted with great amusement, a disgraceful statement credited to the zoo’s Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, that he supports amnesty for bandits. Lai Mohammed should be ashamed of himself for advocating amnesty for murderous bandits but justifying proscription for peaceful agitators.

Lai Mohammed shamelessly justified Nigeria’s black market proscription of a peaceful movement like IPOB instead of bandits and other terrorist groups rampaging the North and ravaging the South. This is the height of hypocrisy! This latest reckless statement by no less a person than the Information Minister has confirmed our Leader’s position that Nigeria is a terrorist-sponsoring nation.

Nigeria is in bed with terrorists but up in arms against innocent citizens agitating for freedom. IPOB never declared any war against Nigeria or her citizens yet it was unilaterally proscribed and bannished by Government. But bandits have been on killing spree of innocent Indigenous citizens of Nigeria yet the same Government is seeking amnesty for the blood suckers. What a disgraceful irony!

Victims of Fulani bandits, herdsmen and terrorists have always borne the brunt alone without any succour from Government. Instead of seeking ways to bring these criminals to book Lai Mohammed and his fellow terrorist sponsors are busy looking for ways to compensate their foot soldiers.

Lai Mohammed has simply confirmed to the whole world that Nigeria government and her partners in crime are the key sponsors of the numerous killer squads and terrorists terrorizing the country. The whole world must take note of this man who has consistently defended terrorists in Nigeria.

Alhaji lai Muhammadu has shown and presented himself as the spokesman of bandits. He has never hidden his soft spot for terrorists. The world must hold him accountable for the atrocities of Fulani bandits and terrorist ravaging Nigeria. When the chips are down the masterminds of terrorim in Nigeria must stand trial for their evil actions.


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