The senate minority leader,senator Abribe on an interview accuses the federal government of tribalism and nepotism
In his statement doing an interview with AIT(African independent television) he stated his mind clear by reminding the incumbent government how the people from the south east are tagged terrorist while the main people killing people at will,walking around with Ak47 rifle are been protected by the government.

This is coming up after a bill was heard on the senate floor on Thursday,19 feb 2020,a bill seeking amnesty for repentant terrorist,according to the bill,which seek for creation of an agency for rehabilitation,integration of repentant terrorist back to the society.

According to Abribe he said

“I am full blooded Igbo man, I’m representing the Igbo people in the National Assembly… How can the Nigerian government give Amnesty to people carrying AK47, killing Nigerians and sending them away to IDP Camps”

Me: In addition, but they told us these people are not Nigerians. How can Nigerian government create a federal agency to rehabilitate and cater for foreign terrorists who have killed thousands of Nigerians, burnt houses and destroyed properties with biillions of Naira?

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